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Sunbites are a delicious range of wholegrain snacks that you can feel good about. Sunbites Grain Waves tasty wholegrain chips have 30% less fat than crinkle cut potato chips. Sunbites Popcorn is made from real wholegrain corn kernels, which are popped in hot air (not fried like some other popcorns) and then lightly sprinkled with our delicious seasoning. Sunbites Funbites are deliciously crispy and tasty star shaped snacks that are baked not fried and contain 65% wholegrain goodness. Sunbites Snack Crackers are crunchy bite-sized wholegrain snacks, sprinkled with scrumptious seasonings and perfect to eat as they are.

Sunbites - snacks you can feel good about.

*Compared to Cool Pak Popcorn in June 2015